What a Discovery Session with a Life Coach can really do

Discovery Sessions at Unconventional Life Coaching are 15-20 minute complimentary coaching sessions working with me, Coach Christine, to:

  • Discover what a coaching session is
  • Discover your BENEFIT of working with Coach Christine to reach your goals
  • Discover YOURSELF, the GOALS you have and the TENACITY you possess to accomplish them.

How do Discovery Sessions Work?

  • You contact me to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session
  • You choose what you’d like coaching assistance with
  • We work together to strategize how to help you reach your goal
  • You set out to accomplish your goal, your mission, YOUR CHOSEN AGENDA
  • You follow up with me sharing how progress is going – or not going
  • You feel AWESOME about yourself and your accomplishments

AWESOME feelings, however, often lead you to scheduling more sessions with me, creating a lasting coaching relationship and a professional push to keep you accountably on track to accomplish more of your chosen success!

It’s not rocket science. It’s coaching. ‘Serious’ fun. And a Discovery Session is waiting for you, so drop me a line and we’ll set up a time for you to take advantage of a complimentary coaching moment.

Oh, no! though, what are coachable topics?

If you’re new to the coaching relationship you may be wondering just what it is you can seek coaching assistance with. Let me give you the short and long of it.

  • The short of it:
    • Anything and everything
  • The Long of it:
    • Faith and Spirituality – perhaps you’re hoping to include more Universal guidance in your life. My lifetime experience living and teaching this style of living could certainly assist you on your path.
    • Surviving Loss – no matter the loss you may be undergoing or recovering from, my personal experience with different types of losses and my professional experience helping others could assist you in steps to take to uplift your spirits once again.
    • Life Changes – divorce, career, relocation, life is filled with changes. Allow me to help you, as I have helped others, navigate the waters of life change.
    • Holistic Living – perhaps it’s been a repeat “New Year’s Eve” resolution to live a more balanced lifestyle. My personal and professional experience with holistic (meaning the whole of it, all of it, its entirety) living can help you figure out where to begin implementing the changes you wish to incorporate into your life.
    • Life’s Buffet – there are many side dishes in life. Perhaps you would like to gain perspective on parenting issues, personal time, clutter clearing, or relationships. Chose an entrée from your life’s buffet and bring it to a coaching Discovery Session.

The Good, the Bad and the Uncertainty

When you think of coaching or being coached on your topic of choice, please remember, coaching does not simply address catastrophes. A career change, relocation, vacation, home buying, event planning, education, there are a myriad of wonderful things in life that coaching can help you accomplish reaching successfully and joyfully.

And if you’d like to give a coaching Discovery Session a try but you’re not sure what to talk about, schedule one anyway. Together we can dig up some dirt to play in on your life’s playground.

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