“The Thanksgiving Promise” – Movie Review

Title : The Thanksgiving Promise (the movie)
Release Date: November 23, 1986
Format: Television film – Walt Disney Channel
Time: Approximately 93 minutes

“The Thanksgiving Promise” is a heart-warming story of a young boy (Travis Tilby played by Jordan Bridges) wrestling between values and emotions, promises and integrity – and the painful learning curve of navigating life with honor, responsibility and love.

The-Thanksgiving-Promise-Movie (2)aThis made-for-TV 1986 classic is based on the novel “Chester I Love You” by Blaine and Brenton Yorgason. The film debuted on the Walt Disney Channel November 23, 1986 and watching it became a holiday tradition to many families (mine included) as evidenced by “comments” posted everywhere regarding the film.

The only befuddling twist to “The Thanksgiving Promise” is why it was never released to the public in any purchasable format.

In 2005 I set out in search of a physical copy of “The Thanksgiving Promise”. It would be the first year since discovering the film that I would not be with my sons to continue our Thanksgiving tradition of watching it together. I searched everywhere for the film – online, brick and mortar stores of varying types, had assistance from “movie buffs” hunting it down and I even e-mailed the Bridges . . . to no avail.

“The Thanksgiving Promise” is a classic story of family tradition and long-lost values. And in today’s world gone amuck, this story is needed to air more than ever.

If ever you locate a copy of this phenomenal film, contact me. I will be so grateful.

Until then, grab your family, your favorite movie snacks and snuggle in together for one of the best stories you have seen in a long time.

Thank you, YouTube for making this shareable.

“The Thanksgiving Promise” – 1986 Walt Disney Channel TV Film

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