The Best Reiki Teacher

“Reiki ~ it’s a word, an essence, a system of practice and a non-diagnostic therapy. The word can be defined. The system of practice can be explained (demonstrated). The non-diagnostic therapy can be administered. But the essence can only be experienced. And it is through experience that you will come to understand all that cannot be explained about Reiki.”
~ Reiki ‘Round the World Level One Student Manual by Christine McDonald ~

“You are such a good teacher. You put us at ease. You gave us confidence in what we’re doing.” ~ Karen and Doris, Cape Cod, MA

Treat yourself to learning Reiki – a two-day event that will shift your energy, clear your confusion, relax, de-stress and reacquaint you with the healing essence that you already possess. You deserve that luxury, right !

Reiki ~ Easy to Learn – With you for Life ~ it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.


About Christine McDonald (87 Articles)
Christine McDonald is a holistic health, arts and entertainment writer, a healing arts teacher and a self-help junkie, sharing stories, reviews, inspiration and information to assist others in discovering simple ways to reacquaint with their spiritual essence and inner voice. You can follow Christine's journey of living a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle here at My Little Shangri La Blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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