The Beach Spa – Review

Looking to indulge in an affordable, all-inclusive and all-natural healing retreat to soothe your mind, body and soul?

The Beach Spa is one of the most all-natural healing resorts available to everyone. It is always open, no appointment is necessary, no membership is required and it is free of charge.

Located at your nearest local beach, The Beach Spa was Divinely created to re-calibrate your body’s chemistry, your mind’s clutter and your soul’s essence. Yet, The Beach Spa may just be the most taken-for-granted healing resort on the planet.

Vacations and day cations are spent relaxing and rejuvenating beneath the sun, atop the sand and below the water. But does one really know what’s taking place at a cellular level as they soak up their moment at the beach? Probably not.

A quick “healing retreats” Google search will return a surge of resorts, centers and spas where you can indulge your body, mind and soul into a sea of holistic health and wellness therapies. Perhaps you have visited a few resorts, experienced a few therapies and have a list of others you wish to indulge in. And there is nothing wrong with indulging in any or all of those so go for it.

But if you are not taking in the all-natural healing properties of The Beach Spa, you are missing out on a sensational organic experience.

Living near the beach is a luxury I have been gifted with. So it became second nature for me to head to its shore to unwind, de-stress from my day or squeeze in a lunchtime walk. But one particular afternoon as I strolled along its varied terrain of sand, rocks, shells, seaweed and saltwater, I connected with this healing oasis more consciously and I realized why I always retreated to the beach when I needed rejuvenation.

Kick off your shoes and stroll along with me as we soak up the myriad of all-natural healing properties available at the most organic resort around.

7 Reasons to Visit “The Beach Spa”

# 1 – Sunlight

The-Beach-Spa-SunlightSunlight – The sun itself is life energy, an obviously essential element to existence. Without the sun nothing on our planet would be alive. Sunlight boosts serotonin which regulates our appetite, memory and our mood. It shuts off the production of melatonin (the hormone that tells you you’re tired) and assists in regulating your circadian rhythm, the body’s all-natural 24-hour clock that regulates several body functions and tells you that you’re tired when it’s dark out.

Vitamin D production -The sunlight also assists in the natural production of ‘the sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D, a vital vitamin that is highly essential to the well-being of many of your body’s processes. When the UVB rays of the sun comes into contact with your skin, after several metabolic steps later, it converts a compound in your skin into a natural form of Vitamin D.

#2 – Reflexology

Rocky Reflexology – Our feet contain a multitude of nerve endings and trigger points to every major energy meridian in the body. Stimulation of the energy meridians assist its related body organ to clear stagnant energy and function more healthily. If you’ve ever had a professional reflexology session or even just rubbed your feet to sooth them, then you know how good that process makes your feet and your body feel. Well, let’s take reflexology one step further (pun intended). Go ahead and walk across the rocks on the beach, stimulate your nerve endings, invigorate your energy meridians and assist in keeping your body’s energy centers and their related organs healthy, all while taking a relaxing stroll.

#3 – Exfoliation

Sand Exfoliation – That beach sand beneath your feet is a natural exfoliant. Exfoliation is a process by which dead cells are removed from the surface of your skin. Our skin sheds thousands of cells per minute. If these dead skin cells are not removed they can clog pores and also prevent a healthy layer of skin from shining through and giving you a vibrant glow. Walking along the sand will help remove those dead skin cells. Additionally, our feet contain a myriad of nerve endings. As you walk along the sand, those tiny granules are stimulating the nerve endings in your feet keeping your feet and your body healthy.

But why stop at the feet? Grab some of that moist sand and rub it along your legs, your arms, your chest, neck and face. Exfoliate your entire epidermis. And then indulge in a total body cool rinse by submerging yourself into the ocean water.

#4 – Medicinal Ocean Water

The Ocean Water – the healing and medicinal benefits of the big blue sea are as vast as the ocean itself. Studies have shown that living by the coast has a myriad of health benefits. “People are more likely to have good health, the closer they live to the sea”. But research indicates it’s not merely due to the fact that you’ve escaped your everyday stress and schedules.

Swimming in ocean water is reported to boost both the immune system and circulation, assist in healing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes; ease aches and pains; relieve allergies and eliminate toxins.


A Breath of Salt AirSalt air and salt water are loaded with natural minerals and negative ions. Essential minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and iodine are absorbed through your skin and assist in hydrating and healing skin conditions. Negative ions offset the positive ions that we absorb all day from electronics, our environment, food and stress. But you’ve probably noticed that you feel better as soon as you take a breath of ocean air. It’s not your imagination. It’s medicinal. The same essential minerals and negative ions that you absorb while swimming in the ocean you also absorb by breathing ocean air. That salty spray that tingles your senses invigorates your biochemistry and acts as a natural saline to the respiratory system.

Blue Mind” is a (2013) body of research delving into the depths of the benefits of water. The planet and our bodies are comprised of a high percentage of water and “Blue Mind” explains the healing science behind our bodies, our brains and water.

Soothing Sounds of the Sea – listening to the sounds of the sea is a healing therapy unto itself. Research indicates that the sound of the waves crashing upon the jetties, cascading the seashore and then caressing each other like cymbols is sound therapy. The sound of the waves alters brain waves eliciting a calming and relaxed state.

#5 – Seaweed Wrap

Seaweed Wrap – Seaweed is an all-natural organic sea plant (actually algae) with detoxification as well as skin-enhancing benefits. It’s packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids that soak into and moisturize your skin. At a day or medical spa a seaweed wrap consists of a paste made from a combination of seaweed, clays, oils and hot water. The paste is painted onto your body, you’re wrapped in warm towels and the seaweed goes to work.

But I’m guessing the Creator didn’t plant seaweed in the oceans just to creep us out while we’re swimming. So the next time you encounter this slimy green moisture at the beach sit down by the shore, lay it on your body beneath the warm sun and let seaweed do what seaweed does:

  • detoxify the body through the body’s largest organ, the skin;
  • moisten the skin
  • regenerate and improve skin elasticity

The next time you find yourself at the seashore, be sure to look around and appreciate the myriad of all-natural green, brown and red algae (seaweed) scattered about on the sand and in the water, eagerly waiting to enhance your well-being. And if you’d like to take your day at the beach home with you, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

#6 – Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy – The use of hot stones for healing purposes dates back to ancient times (1500 BC) used by Europeans and native North Americans. With modern hot stone therapy the stones are usually made of basalt (rock rich in iron) or hardened lava. The stones are immersed in water, heated to retain a certain temperature and then strategically placed on the body.

Hot stones have been known to calm the nervous system and relieve muscle tension. Additionally, they expand the blood vessels which improves circulation and energy flow, which assists the body to detox, the immune system to stimulate and helps improve digestion.

As I sat in the sand this one particular stressful day, I spied a rather good-sized rock and thought, why not. I laid down onto the hot sand (which in and of itself was tremendously relaxing to every muscle in my back) and then took a couple of stones, heated naturally by the rays of the sun, and placed them around my collar bone. After a few minutes I sat up, gathered a few more hot beach rocks and placed them atop my shoulders. The stones may not have been comprised of basalt or hardened lava, but their retained heat certainly warmed and relaxed my muscles just like would have happened in a day spa.

Cool Stone Therapy – As an aside, if you have inflammation in your body, don’t grab hot stones from The Beach Spa, grab a few of those cool ones being caressed by the salt water, as cool stones help with areas of inflammation.

#7 – Muscle Building Workouts

Workout in the Sand – If all this sunshine, salt and sea air has energized you, get on your feet and enjoy an all-natural workout. Not only does the sand act as a natural exfoliant shedding dead skin cells and a natural energy stimulant, exercising in the sand causes more resistance to your muscles giving them a greater workout. So be sure to incorporate a walk, a run or a game of beach paddle ball.

Heal, Unplug and Connect with the Medicinal Properties of the Ocean

Now you know, The Beach Spa is a tremendously healing place to unplug and connect with natural healing properties. Whether you’re soaking up the sun, the salt, the sand or the surf, you are immersed deep into a body of whole health healing. You can go whenever it is convenient for you and enjoy whatever therap(ies) you wish to indulge in at that moment. There’s no waiting, no appointment necessary and no fee!

Be Sure to book your time at the beach . . .

Did you realize your day trip to the beach was a private appointment with an all-natural healing resort? How do you feel after a day at the beach? And do you have a favorite?

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