Syndicated Spirituality Columnist Suzette Martinez Standring shares the simple yet profound healing power of Reiki

When syndicated columnist and best-selling author Suzette Standring reached out to interview me for a segment in her spirituality column promoting Reiki, I was honored to have her massive platform to spread the word about Reiki’s simple yet profound healing capabilities.

Suzette herself is a Reiki Master and utilizes this healing art on herself, friends and family. Suzette shares that “It’s gratifying when my daughter or granddaughters say, ‘I’m not feeling good. Can you do Reiki on me?’ In 20 minutes, a headache vanishes, or a tummy ache is gone, or a worry or fear comes pouring out, and all is better.”

Years ago I happened upon the ancient Japanese Art of Reiki while involved in writing for the holistic health industry. The happenstance lead to curiosity, which lead to finding myself registered for a level one class. After that first Reiki experience I never looked back and moved very much forward. I was so overwhelmed with the effects of Reiki that my immediate desire was to become a Reiki teacher so that I could assist others in understanding the benefit of Reiki training for themselves.

My desire has come to fruition. I love teaching Reiki to others. But mostly love hearing the overwhelming response students have to the effects their Reiki training has had on their life and the joy they have in knowing they can continue to strengthen their well-being with Reiki.

Enjoy Suzette Martinez Standring’s Healing Reiki Energy column. Share it with your friends and families. But mostly, find a way to add Reiki into your life and well-being protocol.

Thank you to Suzette for highlighting My Little Shangri-La and Reiki in her column.
Have you ever had a Reiki session? What was your experience like? Each experience is so unique to the recipient. Feel free to share your story with our readers.

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