Start your day the all-natural way

Good Morning. Good Day. Good evening. Whatever time it is wherever you are, hello. Welcome to the re-launch of Brain Brew – the all natural way to start your day.

Culminated with the purest intentions, Brain Brew is wholesome, organic stimulation for the think tank. No additives, preservatives or artificial promises. An all-natural, environmentally friendly muscle juice, Brain Brew is guaranteed to get the noggin joggin!

Side effects may include unfamiliar sensations of inspiration and happiness. Elevated heart rate may be indicative of suddenly feeling alive. (No need to consult your physician.)

CAUTION – Long term use may induce laughter, an increase in endorphins and a natural state of euphoria. It’s a high the government can’t ban. Enjoy it while you can!

Brain Brew – The Evolution of a Thought – The Manifestation of a Dream

The evolution of a thought. The manifestation of a dream. That’s really how Brain Brew came about.

I had an idea for a blog of daily inspiration for a long time. When I finally meandered over to WordPress one day many years ago to learn their software, I knew I found fertile ground for my blog’s conception.

So I planted my Brain Brew seeds and from 2011 until 2014 I posted quips and quotes to get readers’ mental juices flowing. Then many other projects took over in my professional life and Brain Brew began to suffer. It had me feeling a bit under the weather because the blog’s concept truly is inspiring to myself and others.

So when I revamped My Little Shangri La Blog, my faith and spirituality blog, I decided to bring my first born over to join the rest of my faith, inspiration and spirituality family. I hope prior readers and followers of Brain Brew Blog don’t mind comingling with the rest of my faith and spirituality blog

But what is Brain Brew All About?

Brain Brew is “a daily dose of inspiration – good ‘til the next thought”™. It’s a phrase, a story, lyric from a song – something short and sweet to jump start your thinking, get the juices flowing, the brain – um – brewing.

Maybe it will soothe you. Maybe it will inspire you. Maybe it will tick you off. Indulge daily and allow Brain Brew to find its way into your life. Hopefully it will at least get your noggin joggin’.

And remember . . .

Dare to be different

Dare to be you

Dare to be!

About Christine McDonald (87 Articles)
Christine McDonald is a holistic health, arts and entertainment writer, a healing arts teacher and a self-help junkie, sharing stories, reviews, inspiration and information to assist others in discovering simple ways to reacquaint with their spiritual essence and inner voice. You can follow Christine's journey of living a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle here at My Little Shangri La Blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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