Simple secret to being happy

Is the secret to happiness really so elusive that we seem unable to grasp it?

Most of us spend endless amounts of time and energy trying to attain a state of happiness. We choose professional careers and places of abode with utmost precision, assuming those things will fill us with bliss. We socialize with those we feel we will be happiest around. We engage in romantic and marital relationships in an effort to fill our soul with euphoria – yet somehow our cup not only doesn’t runneth over, it’s not even full.

Watch the short inspirational movie clip below and take a moment to think about its depth. If you doubt the truth of its simplicity, then pay attention to your own life in the next coming days and notice how you feel when you’ve done the smallest of things for another.

The key to unlocking happiness is . . .

The Secret to Living is Giving

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Have you ever noticed when you performed a simple act of kindness to another or gave something to someone that you seemed to benefit from the giving as much as the recipient benefited from receiving. Share your story below in comments and allow others to be inspired by your life’s journey!

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