Rescue adventures of man and dog

Dog Literally Stands by Friend’s Side

You would do anything for a friend, right?

Or would you?

That statement was put to the test and came out true to its word. Yet it was not man but man’s best friend that literally stood the test of time.

For one week, Tillie, a setter mix, stood guard over Phoebe, a basset hound who had fallen into a cistern, until help arrived. Be sure to honor your four-legged friends. They are more than remarkable.

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And in Other “Dog” News . . .

I Guess Retirement Really is For The Dogs

Eugene Bostick’s did more than “honor” dogs. The 80-year old Forth Worth, Texas retiree, takes in abandoned dogs, finds them adoptive homes, and parades them around town on his hand-made Dog Train

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Dog-trainHey, how about making one of these trains for your dog! They’re certainly worth it, aren’t they!!!

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