Reiki Transformed Frigid Temperatures in Boston Like an Alchemist

Reiki By The Sea‘s Holiday Open House was ushered in on Nov 6th with unseasonably frigid temps. But warmth soon took over as Reiki transformed Boston’s frigid temperatures like an alchemist and brought forth all sorts of wonderful encounters.

It truly warms me (no pun intended) the trust complete strangers have in the curator’s of these Reiki events. I’m sure it’s Reiki stepping in to pave the path with purpose, trust and faith.

Human compassion is such a healer unto itself. When you add Reiki, it’s true Alchemy.

To the Powers That Be who had a parking spot awaiting my arrival mere doors from the entry to this Holiday Reiki event, I thank you. Anyone from Boston knows that THAT was an act of a higher power no doubt. And it set the stage for a phenomenal display of the human spirit.

  • To the two customer service gentlemen at the One Post Office Square Bank – your personal and professional generosity, rapid response and curiosity of Reiki was the prelude to powerful energy. Thank you for your friendliness and for watching over the red car on the corner. I hope you introduce Reiki into your daily regimen.
  • To the understandably distraught mom standing strong and holding it together while dealing with new and unsettling familial happenings – release (emotions) when you need to. It’s okay, not selfish. And it will free up inner space for the outer strength you’re reaching for right now. Check the FREE Reiki Clinics schedule and continue to bring Reiki into your life. It will support and guide you.
  • To the charmingly compassionate young lady looking to follow her intuition – you did!! It lead you back to Reiki and you listened by showing up. Continue to invite Reiki into your life. It is your voice of intuition and it will not only guide you but will help you hear its message.
  • To the WINNER of the FREE Reiki Session – Congratulations! I could feel your energy shift to an even more jubilant level than when you entered the room – if that’s possible ! Wow! what positive energy you emit.
  • To Maxine, for your personal charm, professional warmth, your gifts and balance life brainstorming conversation – it’s always a pleasure sharing Reiki with you. Thank you for inviting me.

For those that may have wished to attend but couldn’t – keep your eye on the FREE Reiki page at My Little Shangri-La/Reiki ‘Round the World and Maxine’s schedule. We hope to see you at the next event. Or . . . simply contact either of us for information about Reiki or to schedule a session.

If you’d like a Reiki demonstration at your school, community center, business or privately, don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring Reiki to your personal or professional world.

Until then . . . Reach in – Reach out. The balance will serve you well.

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Christine McDonald is a holistic health, arts and entertainment writer, a healing arts teacher and a self-help junkie, sharing stories, reviews, inspiration and information to assist others in discovering simple ways to reacquaint with their spiritual essence and inner voice. You can follow Christine's journey of living a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle here at My Little Shangri La Blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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