Photographer captures own father while documenting homelessness

Photo courtesy of Diana Kim, "The Homeless Paradise."

Many a story tells the tale of people who have overcome adversity and/or extreme hardship only to realize the path they traveled was necessary in order to bring them to a true understanding of the service they would later provide.

Photographer Diana Kim took to the streets she once lived on to bring visibility to the homeless crisis in Hawaii. But when she recognized a homeless gentleman in one of her photos, her life, her mission and forgiveness came full circle.

Would you rescue the very father that abandoned you?

Not only did Kim attempt to rescue her father from the streets, his very plight brought more awareness to her homeless photo advocacy. What she did will truly move you to tears.

This is an amazing story of how love and life’s purpose merge together and move mountains.

Read the full story brought to you by Upworthy or
click the photo below to visit Kim’s blog – The Homeless Paradise

Photo courtesy of Diana Kim, "The Homeless Paradise."

Photo courtesy of Diana Kim, “The Homeless Paradise.”

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