Paper Angels

“It all starts with a song” – this is one of my favorites!

And in the case of Jimmy Wayne‘s 2004 hit “Paper Angels”, indeed the song’s release was a “start” of things that the singer himself couldn’t possibly have imagined – especially during the times in his life where he not only co-wrote the single but lived it.

An Inspiring Song Surpasses the Season of Giving

‘Tis the season of gratitude and giving. A season that arrives yearly, prepared to stop us in our busy tracks and call on us to reflect on all that we have, all that we are and all that we are capable of giving and receiving. In today’s 24/7/365 world this “season of gratitude and giving” is more important than ever. And while we should not need a “reminder” to be grateful and giving, the season does call on us to gift others with tokens of appreciation, acknowledgement and adoration.

Yet as awe-inspiring and soul-lifting as it is, the entire season can also be quite draining.

So if you will, please allow me to enchant your soul with a song that reminds what giving is and how giving affects both the giver and the receiver.

“Paper Angels, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. No matter where you are right now, remember God’s right there. He’s asking all of us to help take care of his Paper Angels everywhere.”

Jimmy Wayne’s “Paper Angels”
performed live during his “Paper Angels” book tour

In 2004 I had the honor of attending a “Paper Angels” benefit hosted by Jordan’s Furniture in Reading, MA where Jimmy Wayne performed his “Paper Angels” hit song (released October 2004), talked about the inspiration for the Jimmy-Wayne-Paper-Angel-Handmadesong and his support of the Salvation Army’s Paper Angels project.

Before the start of the event fans of Jimmy Wayne had made a batch of paper angels, decorated in gold, glitter, inspirational messages and adorned with bells and ribbon. They handed their hand-made angels out to attendees awaiting Jimmy’s appearance. When Wayne began singing “Paper Angels” everyone in the audience held up their hand-made paper angel in honor of Jimmy’s song and message and in support of his work. It was a moving moment in my life that surfaces each year as we enter the season of giving. For many years I would take my paper angel out for the “giving season” and then pack it away with the rest of the decorations. But then one year I decided to leave the angel out in my office to remind me of the totality of its message, which is multi-faceted.

In 2011 I had the honor of reviewing Jimmy Wayne’s “Paper Angels” book. If you’ve not had the opportunity to read the “Paper Angels” book, take a moment to at least read my review of it. That alone should put you in an inspiring mindset and invite you to connect with Jimmy Wayne, Paper Angels, the Salvation Army and the Season of Gratitude and Giving!


Paper Angels, was also made into a movie which originally airing November 16th, 2014 on UP TV. (Check listing for 2015 air times) And a year later, on November 3, 2015 the movie became available on DVD “giving” you several options to tune in, read or watch “Paper Angels” – for the first or hundredth time – do so – your soul will be grateful that you did!


Jimmy Wayne “Paper Angles” – Official Video


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