Journal Writing exposed a plethora of positivity

“Releasing” has no limits. And some of what “releases” during journal writing often surprises the journal writer.

Soul clearing, clutter clearing or seasonal clearing, we humans always seem to be instinctively clearing the way for something new. Thankfully we let go of (release) all the “stuff” that clutters up our mind, body, soul and surroundings. And no sooner do we “clear that space” that something, often unexpectedly, fills its place.

The truth is, nothing can show up in our life if our life is cluttered. Where would we put it if it did? Whether it is physical, mental, emotional, professional or spiritual clutter, if “stuff” is piled up then nothing else can enter. We must release what is not needed to make room for new things.

Releasing through journal writing is like and inner exposition. The Write to Release™ program was formulated to guide students through the process of writing to release. But releasing is not confined to the act of clearing out catastrophic events. The “release” part of the program enables each student to release clarity, creativity, fears, faults, revelations and their inner voice of guidance. The writing process is non-judgmental, cathartic, private and fun.

As the instructor I never know who or what will come before me. Each session brings in new people, new concerns and new revelations. I simply present the process in the same manner as I did in classes prior to it and will for classes after it.

Positive and Palpable Energy

As we settled in to day one of a particular evening Journal It class, it was immediately evident that the energy in the room was upbeat. Students seemed to be similarly in sync with the vibration of “discovering the positive” about themselves and their desires.

We set out in our usual manner with class discussions, classroom writing work and homework. Everyone had quite differing reasons for enrolling in class. And while students don’t share their written work with the instructor or their classmates unless they choose to, what they did share is that they were seeing their desires unfold before them through their journal writing.

In very short time, students discovered:

  • why they were and were not accomplishing things they wanted to pursue,
  • how to find time for themselves to write and to tap into a family reservoir of memories to chronicle,
  • how accountability (to the course and ultimately themselves) kept them writing each day, which lead to a subtle but direct awakening of their inner voice of guidance
  • and how daily writing revealed a number of creative projects that were hidden beneath the cloth of uncertainty

Most importantly, each student left class inspired to use the tools they learned to keep the energy of what had been awakened moving forward.

Less than 10 days after the course ended a student contacted me to share that the Journal It! your Write to Release™ through Journal Writing class was the push she needed to begin a project that had been on the back burner of her mind.

”Your class was the push I needed to write daily. Thank you!” ~ Claudia N

With Claudia’s permission I share with you what she did with that “push”. It is a magnanimous uncovering of creativity that Claudia experienced through the art of journal writing and will continue to experience through this project.

Yes, you too can uncover many things about yourself.

Writing to Release™ is for “clearing” whatever is in YOUR way of exposing who you are and what you are meant to be doing.

Take a chance on discovery your inner self. Join a class and learn what so many others have and continue to tap into . . . their Inner Voice of guidance, inspiration and knowing.

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