From Crayons to Perfume

I’d like to say it was early July, mid-August or late November and that I was sitting under a tree, by the river bank or comfortably snuggled seaside. But the truth is I simply don’t remember.

What I do remember is having one of those little books with a lock and key, a tiny pen and big thoughts that I wrote down daily and tucked under my pillow at night certain of its security and secrecy.

Abandoning my compact companion, at some point I graduated to a big girl journal. Not the fancy, leather kind with ivory pages, a tasseled book mark and a closure with character. No, my big girl journal was simply a spiral notebook. Fat, six by nine, three subject. Although at some point I removed the subject dividers as they drew near.

Everything poured into that journal without thought, without worry and daily. It was my friend and my confidant. And what I didn’t realize was that it was my coach. A Divine coach in every sense of the word, most often taking over my thoughts and writing for me. Always leaving me with solutions to my troubles weaved throughout my Pulitzer prose.

I flirted between one size notebook and another and finally settled on a good ol’ fashioned “Composition Book”. I let my guard down but never let my friend (companion) down. And Composition-Journal-Colors-with-Labelmy friend never let me down. We shared everything.

From childhood frivolity to teenage angst. From family concerns, financial woes, professional uncertainties and personal trauma, my secret friend knew every dark and dirty detail of my life. It understood when no one else did, comforted when no one else cared and it whacked me off the back of the head (with advice) when no one else dared. I knew when what it was saying was the truth. Not because it spoke clearly. To the contrary. Most often its suggestions were abstract. Bits and pieces. Words, phrases, symbols and visions that I didn’t necessarily “hear” when it shared its wisdom. I “felt”.

At some point I gave my friend a name. Ever since I can remember I walked around talking to God. Sometimes openly. Quite often quietly. But completely inadvertently I decided to name my friend in the pen God and talk together that way. Not in a Neale Donald Walsch kind of conversation. Just as a friend with a name. But then maybe it was subconsciously in a (spiritual author) Neale Donald Walsch kind of way because I was beginning to realize anytime I got together with my friend – my pen and journal – I received subtle answers to my thoughts. I wouldn’t call them questions because I really was just pouring out my heart and soul.

But once finished, spent as I was with our conversation, I always felt calm, at peace and certain of solutions.

Years later I would discover this was an art, a healing art. It’s inexpensive, always available and delivers solutions with utmost accuracy and precision, much more so than any therapist you could ever engage – but please do feel free to engage a therapist if you desire or need assistance.

It takes on many titles: Automatic Writing, Therapeutic Writing and Soul Writing. I simply call it Journal Writing. But I have come to realize this inner voice of wisdom is the voice of the soul, my soul, the Universal Soul. Its solutions are never-ending, sometimes immediate, but not always easy to willingly follow.

Then out of the blue clear sky it also called on me one day to teach this healing art to anyone who wanted to enroll in a class and acquaint themselves with the wisdom of their soul, and learn to Write to Release™ – their demons, desires and Divinity.

Humbly I accepted the invitation and a new chapter in my journal began.


Now, let me just assure you – there are no coincidences in life. You are reading this because somewhere in your soul you have lurking about a desire for a higher level of wisdom and guidance to help you along. Consciously or subconsciously, you’ve “asked”. And Guidance answered. And so, I invite you to join me in learning to tap into your Divine Inner Voice, the wisdom of your soul, and learn to Write to Release through Journal Writing.

It’s fun. It’s cathartic and it’s your Write to Release! Surely you deserve to reward yourself with what so many others have enjoyed experiencing through the art of journal writing, don’t you? Don’t wait any longer to learn to tap into your inner voice of wisdom. Contact me by phone or e-mail and let’s get you started!

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Christine McDonald is a holistic health, arts and entertainment writer, a healing arts teacher and a self-help junkie, sharing stories, reviews, inspiration and information to assist others in discovering simple ways to reacquaint with their spiritual essence and inner voice. You can follow Christine's journey of living a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle here at My Little Shangri La Blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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