“Journal It – Your Write to Release” Journal Writing Class was Quite Revealing

2013-Falmouth-Community-School-Journal-It-Write-to-ReleaseThe Fall 2013 “Journal It! your Write to Release Through Journal Writing” class offered through the Falmouth Community School has closed its composition books.

And while no student’s work was “graded” or even looked at by the teacher, much was shared and lots learned. Everyone was quite open and very eager to learn from the instructor (me), their classmates and themselves. After all, learning from the voice of one’s self is what the class was all about. And I honestly believe that that voice arrived with each student on day one a mere whisper – shy, timid, vulnerable to speak out or speak up. Yet by bell’s toll, everyone was excited to share. Those inner whispers became roars. We all became experts (at solving everyone else’s concerns, no doubt) and forged acquaintance-ships and for some, lasting relationships.

It amazes me what comes out in such open, trusting, relaxed arenas – but then again, it doesn’t. For when you arrive at your destination willing to open up and be guided, that is indeed exactly what takes place.

As the Master of Ceremonies (teacher) I’m always in awe at how planned lessons take their own direction and present themselves to each class and each student in the exact manner 20131015_095243in which needs to be heard at that moment. I am in awe at the precise synchronicity of each student’s arrival to or absence from class. And I’m in awe always at how much I learn as well as teach.

The openness of each student to the course materials allowed for breezy lessons – nothing heavy, philosophical or draining. To the contrary, each lesson, each day, was fun, inspiring and filled with un-expectancies, which each student embraced openly.

Disucssions turned from pages in the course manual to Divinely guided discussions of unrelated topics such as astrology and Reiki. Then those seemingly unrelated topics came full circle as they showed up in student’s journalling. It was at times jaw-dropping to see not only the voice of inner guidance but also the hand of inner guidance show up and show us the way.

I’d like to thank each of the students who attended the Fall 2013 “Journal It! your Write to Release Through Journal Writing” class offered through the Falmouth Community School. Your openness spoke volumes as to whether my materials, my methods and my class was20131015_192332 assisting you in tapping into your inner voice of wisdom and guidance. And if you’re a student reading this, no doubt you’ll agree, Guidance was indeed speaking to each of us.

If you (reader) were hoping to join the class but were not able to for whatever reason, don’t fret. Everything happens exactly as it’s supposed to. Perhaps YOUR time will be next time. And thankfully, there is a next time.

Join Us at a Future Journal It! your Write to Release Through Journal Writing Class . . .
I’d like to thank the Falmouth Community School Direct, Pat Shufelt for inviting me to return for future sessions. “Journal It! your Write to Release” will be back.  So be sure to check back at the Journal Writing Class Schedule at My Little Shangri-La for updates posted as soon as they become available, or you can always “like” us on Facebook or “follow” on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing.

I look forward to sharing the Art and Science of Therapeutic Journal Writing through my Write to Release Through Journal Writing method with you all. See you in class !

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