Faith When I Fall

Maybe it’s because I’m a music junkie. Maybe it’s because I believe Divine guidance is disguised in a myriad of masks. Maybe it’s because I know God’s a Divine Deejay.

Actually, there’s no maybe about any of that. And I always seem to have a song playing in my head.

And it always seems to be an answer to a question I hadn’t realized I’d “asked”.

This song’s been playing in my head for days so I knew I just had to share it. Maybe it’s for me. Maybe it’s for you.

Actually, there’s no maybe about that either. As is stated in my Write to Release ™ through Journal Writing student manual:

“There are no coincidences in life. You are reading this because somewhere in your soul you have lurking about a desire for a higher level of wisdom and guidance to help you along. Consciously or subconsciously, you’ve “asked”. And Guidance answered.”

Not only is Kip Moore’s “Faith When I Fall” an inspiring song but the story behind the song, how the song came to be, is also inspiring. Hopefully somewhere during your listening you will find inspiration.

From the Divine Deejay . . .

Kip Moore – “Faith When I Fall” – Up All Night

You can find out “Moore” about “Kip” – okay, that was kinda corny but I’ll bet it happens to him all the time. And I’ll bet he doesn’t mind. However way you look at it, be sure to keep up with Kip Moore at his website and socials!

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