Do your moments fill you?

I remember years ago when my sons were small, a neighbor’s children coming over to play. This was a pretty frequent occurrence as we both had two children and they were all of the same ages. And more often than not, we adults would enjoy the pleasure of adult conversation while the kids tended to their toddler affairs.

But there was this one day when only the children came to play. My neighbor decided she would take the time to catch up on her to-do list. I chuckled in agreement, only too happy to contribute to her day’s inspiration.

When I brought the kids back to her house a few hours later I asked – expecting an air of accomplishment to deliver her response – “so, how’d it go? Did you get everything done?”

She smiled, giggled, kinda half-cocked her head and said, “I changed my plans. I sat down and actually read the paper – I mean read the paper for the first time in a long time.” (For those of you without the pleasure of children, reading the newspaper usually consists of scanning)

She was in such a state of emotional euphoria I knew it was not because of the knowledge she gained reading the newspaper but from the moment in time she took to just be.


As of this writing, it is mid-afternoon where I am. There’s plenty of time left in the day to accomplish a few more things on my to-do list. The dogs are sleeping, the house is empty, the confusion has settled. Then suddenly out of nowhere . . .

I could hear the silence.

I stopped to listen. I hadn’t heard silence in a long time. Not at this volume.

I decided to forego my to-do list and just listen, breath, enjoy and be !

As I sat there listening to this moment in time I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it is during such unexpected moments to . . .

Let the moment fill you  rather than you fill the moment!

Do you allow the moments of your day to fill you or is every moment of your day filled with things to do?

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