Day 5, 6 & 7 – 21-Day Reiki Retreat – For Today Only

As you may have noticed, today’s writing is an encapsulation of Days 5, 6 & 7. What happened? Did I get too lazy to write?

To the contrary. I’ve actually been extremely busy – with many an unplanned interruption that there was no way I could ignore tending to.

As I was tending to all the interruptions, both my daily calendar and my to do list was reminding me of what I wasn’t tending to. My perfectionist self wanted to freak out ! but my true self kept me grounded, calm and completely accepting of what was going on in the moment.

I could have gone back and written separately about Days 5 & 6. I could have given up today’s list and tended to my unfinished list. I could have reprimanded myself for creating to do lists that contain no white space.

But I didn’t.

What I did without consciously realizing it is I calmly embraced the Reiki precepts, which begin with:

For Today Only

The Reiki precepts, which I shared in Day 2 of the 21-Day Reiki Retreat, is a set of principles that are taught during Reiki I training. As you begin your Reiki journey you will probably need to consciously practice repeating the precepts until without realizing it they become second nature and speak to you in times of impending imbalance rather than you having to call on them.

It’s one of the many treasures you discover about the techniques of the system of Reiki. And once you learn, understand and incorporate them into your daily regimen, they become second nature, allowing you to experience a 5, 6, 7 day pleasantly.

Add learning and incorporating the use of Reiki to your to do list…For Today Only!


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