Day 3 | 21-day Reiki Retreat – Gaining Clarity

Have you ever been traversing through the fog in your life – or attempting to – and realize that you can’t figure out which way to go?

Metaphorically speaking, the fog is confusion, uncertainty and maybe even fear. And undoubtedly, if you’re confused, uncertain or riddled with fear, the ability to see clearly is hindered. There’s simply no navigating through the fog.

Conversely, if you’ve ever been physically surrounded by fog you know the only way through it is to stay calm, go slowly and follow whatever signs you can sense along the way to guide you forward, that eventually you will get through it. And assuredly, if you panic and try to navigate your way recklessly, without thought or in fear, you most likely are not going to have a pleasant outcome.

Well, life can be the same way. There are times in our lives when fog will surround us, when we’re not sure which way to go, where the road is or how to get out of a situation. Frustration and panic are likely to set in and your ability to navigate reasonably will dissipate – unlike the fog.

Reiki helps you navigate those situations.

In Day 2 of the 21-day Reiki retreat I spoke of reciting and “feeling” the Reiki precepts. Connecting with the understanding of the precept truly is quite an empowering experience.

Additionally, practicing Reiki on yourself daily also bestows upon you incredible circumstances – call them metaphysical if you choose – that you simply cannot explain.

One of those advantages that you will undoubtedly experience in the practice of the system of Reiki is gaining clarity. It is amazing once you incorporate this simple healing technique into your daily health care regimen, that no matter how thick that fog is that you will run into during the course of your life, somewhere amidst its haze you mysteriously gain clarity. And it’s an incredible feeling when you do.

How does it happen? Through the practice of the system of Reiki you realize how to stay calm, why to stay calm, where to go for answers to life’s questions and how to know when you’ve received direction.

Reiki lifts the fog. It’s a buoy. It’s a fog horn. It’s a lighthouse. And it’s always operating.

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