Day 21 – 21-Day Reiki Retreat – Walking Your Path

21-day-Reiki-retreatFor the final day of the 21-day Reiki Retreat it was my intent to write sort of a “culmination of” article. But then something crossed my path and its beauty and brevity captivated not only me but the summation of what this retreat and Reiki are about.

Absorb the words for a moment.Walk-in-Peace-Love-Light

If its message seems or sounds a bit too elusive for you to grasp, my heartfelt suggestion would be for you to experience Reiki either by enjoying a Reiki treatment or training in Reiki and let Reiki open you up to its magnificence.

Let me know what you think of Reiki, what you need clarity on, what’s keeping you from embarking on your own personal Reiki journey. You can contact me directly or leave comments below.

For me this has been a wonderfully exciting, enlightening and sometimes uncomfortable experience. But as I suggested in Day 19, make sure you prepare because your requests are answered and you’d best be ready for the revelations. Thank you for being a part of this 21-day Reiki Retreat. I’m honored to share Reiki with you and delighted to assist you on your personal Reiki journey.

~ ~ ~

I have no idea where this photograph originated from. If anyone reading this knows “please” share that information with me so I can give credit to this beautiful piece of art. ~ ~ ~

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