Day 19 – 21-Day Reiki Retreat – Revelations

21-day-Reiki-retreatA little Reiki – a little philosophy – but that’s how this one came through.

Reiki certainly is a phenomenally easy-to-learn Japanese Healing Art that assists in helping one see the light. But as the end of this 21-day Reiki Retreat approaches, I metaphorically look behind and notice flashes that perhaps might have been dismissed as – hmmm, coincidence?!

Ah! yes, very often we embark on journeys yet don’t always notice the passing scenery. Busy trying to take it all in, we often miss quite a bit.

I embarked on this 21-day Reiki Retreat for several reasons. One of which was I guess what you could call a spiritual road trip – a destination no doubt (seeing a new light at the end of the 21 days) – but simply hitting the Reiki highway on cruise control.

It’s been rather amazing. And as this particular Reiki road trip nears its end let me share with you a billboard that flashed by . . .



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