Day 18 – 21-Day Reiki Retreat – Hmmm – Very Interesting


Hmmm …

In light of yesterday’s post about synchronicity (spiritual precision responding to your thoughts), I found this message in my news feed today very interesting.

“Synchronistic events happen when you’re intuition or soul is trying to get your attention, to lead you to a certain destination or to change your current direction.

I’m having a few happening right now.

Anyone else want to share? Has synchronicity been in your life lately. If so, please pay attention!

Have a good day everyone


Yes, John, thank you. I’d love to share …


John Holland truly needs no introduction. He’s a phenomenal author, psychic, medium, spiritual teacher John_Holland_head_shot_2012and person. He’s traveled and learned worldwide and – I gotta give a shout out ! He’s from Boston.

John has many books and spiritual materials out for your learning and pleasure. I’ve had the pleasure of reading them all, meeting John at a book signing back in 2007 and receiving an autographed copy of my favorite of his books – his memoir !

Treat yourself to hanging out with John at his website. Check out his materials and follow him on the socials. If for no other reason than. . . this is brought to you from the ethers of synchronicity – because somewhere in your mind you inquired and spirit answered !


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