Day 10 – 21-Day Reiki Retreat – Just Practice

The system of Reiki was originally developed by Dr. Mikao Usui as a self-healing tool. Since his early teachings (early 1900s) much has been said about who to learn from (your lineage). And while it is important to make sure you are learning from a Reiki Master Teacher that understands the totality of the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki, if you walk away from your training with only one realization, it should be that you are already Reiki and practicing all the elements of Reiki on yourself will bring you deeper into an understanding of and a connection to Reiki than any teacher can do for you.

Do indeed choose a teacher wisely in all things you endeavor to learn in life. But practicing what you learn is how the student becomes the Master of their own existence.

I’d like to share a few quotes from Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki in Australia.

Frans-Stiene-Favourite-Reiki-Teacher-of-the-Year-2013-Readers-Choice“The real magic of the system of Reiki does not lay in what your lineage is, but how deep you go into your personal practice within the system of Reiki. You could have trained with Usui, but if you do not practice the methods what would the difference be!”

“Just Practice.
Hope and fear are the main obstacles in our practice. Hope for a
certain outcome, an expectation. Fear that our practice is not going well. Let go of your hopes and fears, just practice!”

Frans Stiene – Copyright International House of Reiki

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