Day 1 | 21-day Reiki Retreat – Introduction

When embarking on the study of Reiki, one of the requests made of a student is to embark on a 21-day program of self-Reiki, integrating what was learned into one’s daily agenda and experiencing the energetic effects of their new-found knowledge.

Receiving Reiki training does not “make you Reiki”. You are already Reiki. “Practicing” the skills taught in Reiki assists you in re-acquainting yourself with your true essence – Reiki and self-healing.

As you continue to integrate Reiki into your life and/or continue further study of Reiki “skills”, you will find that Reiki is there supporting and guiding you every step of every day.

But such an endeavor is not limited to students. Even practitioners and/or Reiki Masters may randomly feel inclined to embark on a 21-day Reiki retreat. Even though one practices Reiki daily, perhaps somewhere your soul is reaching out to your conscious mind and inviting you to a Reiki retreat.

Accept the invitation.

It comes without cost, without judgment and delivers outstanding gifts.

Recently I got the ‘notion’ to embark on a 21-day Reiki retreat and an inclination to share with you just what such a retreat is.

A 21-day Reiki Retreat

A 21-day Reiki retreat consists of 21 consecutive days of:

  • Reciting the Reiki precepts
  • Practicing Reiki techniques learned
  • Administering self-treatments
  • Journaling daily

At the end of the 21-day period one usually feels a much stronger connection to Reiki. Additionally one may also:

  • experience some unique happenings
  • gain insight
  • feel guided, calmer, clearer
  • feel more balanced

Receiving a Reiki treatment is a delightful experience to say the least. But becoming trained in Reiki and re-acquainting yourself with spiritual energy and your ability for self-healing is a life-long gift everyone should give themselves.

I invite you to join me (virtually) on my 21-day Reiki retreat. I will write as I feel inclined to share the journey. And I invite you to share any questions, concerns or curiosities you may have about Reiki in the comments below.

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