ReflectionMy Little Shangri-La is a spiritual lifestyle blog sharing stories and information about living and being guided by faith and spirituality, with a desire to inspire others about the joys, clarity, peacefulness and yes, bumps and bruises of living such a lifestyle.

My name is Christine McDonald. I have been following a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle since childhood, way before it was in vogue and way before it was cool to be a guru. And truth be told, because it was a natural way for me I simply assumed everyone else on the planet did the same. It wasn’t New Age, it was what I knew. As an adult I began writing for the holistic health industry where I came upon the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki (spiritual energy). I began my Reiki training in 2008 and now, gratefully, teach this easy to learn, magnificently healing therapy to others. In addition to Reiki I bring to my practice and my writing the trials and tribulations of my personal knowledge and use of holistic healing, an understanding of humanity, the psyche, metaphysics, astrology, mind-body, and journaling, incorporating all of these healing arts and tools of divination into my daily life and my professional work.

Through stories, articles, reviews and simple therapies the intent of My Little Shangri-La is to inspire others to:

  • Reacquaint with and strengthen their spiritual self
  • Tune into, trust and follow their intuition
  • Tap into their inner voice of guidance through journal writing
  • Embrace their individuality (be who you are)
  • Enjoy life and everything in it
  • Discover easy to use tools to enhance their well-being
  • Share stories of each other’s journeys through life

You don’t need a background in or experience with holistic health, the healing arts or spirituality to understand and enjoy the information here at MLSL blog. Everything is presented in a simple, straightforward and understandable language.

Each of us has a physical anatomy, an energetic anatomy and are of a spiritual essence. Reacquainting with your true self (your spiritual essence), learning to hear and understand it, and trusting its guidance will change your life in so many positive ways. And you’ll find lots of stories and information here at My Little Shangri-La blog to help you accomplish that and to accompany and entertain you along your way.

But hey, let’s talk about you for a while. Before you take off navigating the pages of My Little Shangri-La, I’d love for you to share with me what brought you to MLSL blog. Leave a comment about why you stopped in to visit and what you’re hoping to find. If it’s here I can help you find it. If it’s not, perhaps it would be a good topic to cover. And if you’re looking for something then I’m sure someone else is too. So be the social ice-breaker because MLSL is a wonderful place to meet like-minded people! So go ahead, leave your thoughts in the comments section ~ Thank you.

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Peace, Love & God Bless
Christine 😉

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