A Wild and Unexpected Exchange of Energies at the Boston Japan Festival

Boston Japan Festival 2013 - Reiki By the Sea Booth Setup

Were you part of the party? Did you stop by? Miss us? Run out of time?

The 2013 Boston Japan Festival is behind us and I have to admit, it was an all-around wonderful experience. I hope all the festival-goers and Reiki-receivers feel the same.

What a wonderfully diverse display of vendors, food choices, music and patrons. The culture, the curiosities and the crazy Boston weather made for an interesting day.

To our (booth) neighbors, Japanese Healing Arts and Nippon Kodo USA, it was a blast being on the same block, even if for such a short stay. Couldn’t have asked for better booth buddies. To the ladies of Japanese Healing Arts, (The Wellness Room) man you guys put in a day’s work. You never stopped. If anybody’s looking for “body work” done, check this team of energy aligners out. They know their stuff, work hard, are totally dedicated and sport charming personalities and charismatic smiles. And to Nippon Kodo USA, thank you for your gift of incense, a holder, soap, the clip to hold up our sign and your charm. You guys were awesome – boy, can you command a crowd ! ANYONE looking to buy incense, check these guys out !! no actually, just buy their stuff !!!

But wait! what? no tea! at a Japanese Festival! Really? I’ll bet the only one happy about that was the Starbucks located on the Plaza corner – especially once the sun disappeared, the wind picked up and the temperatures plummeted.

But really, what made it all come together . . . the patrons!

To all the patrons that stopped by and visited our booth, thank you. It was a pleasure sharing Reiki with you. I was absolutely touched by the number of people who are sincerely looking into alternative and complementary therapies to add to their healthcare regimen. As one beautiful and charming young lady put it,

“I want to look into more holistic things, I believe they work and I’m just tired of the pills.”

Beautifully said. Yes, these things work. Don’t fire your physician yet but keep introducing other therapies to your wellness plan. Seek out more Reiki and let Reiki guide your way. We’re here if you need us.

In addition to all that, as it relates to our Reiki booth and all I personally shared and learned, here’s some more highlights:

  • Boston Japan Festival 2013 - Maxine adminstering Reiki to patronThe steady flow of visitors was inspiring. You asked wonderfully intelligent questions and were so open to the (Reiki) experience.
  • I was moved by your patience in waiting your turn, your openness to a seemingly elusive concept and your honesty in sharing your personal and/or health journies with complete strangers in an attempt to affect your own well-being protocol. Kudos to you !
  • To the young student from Ireland, thank you for allowing me to add Reiki to your experience in Boston and for your compliments to our beautiful City. Delighted that your experience with Boston and Reiki left you blissfully enchanted.
  • To the young lady who ventured off to see “The Great Gatsby” then returned as promised to try Reiki, you have an infectious aura. It was a pleasure being around you. We are honored by what you both gave and took from the experience.
  • From heart concerns to hip concerns, newcomers to repeat receivers, I learned as much from you as you did from me.
  • To the “always happy” young man who didn’t seem to feel an affect. Be assured ‘something’ took place, you may just have been to happily blissed to be aware.
  • To the charming gentleman from Salem, keep seeking out Reiki. Your surprise and being comforted by it affected you positively. Release it all.
  • From Florida to Woods Hole (Cape Cod), Salem, Boston and Ireland, the flow of information seekers never stopped.
  • To the mother so sincerely wishing to share Reiki (due to her own mini Reiki experience) with her daughter, the daughter’s willingness, openness and ultimate peacefulness with her own Reiki treatment, what a beautifully touching sight your loving concern was to witness.
  • To the Lesley College graduate of holistic psychology, wow ! your professional path is wide open with opportunity. Enjoy the journey.

To Maxine Bornstein of Reiki by the Sea, thank you for inviting me to spend the day with you sharing Reiki at your booth. What a blast ! but you’re always a good time. How did you set off all those alarms in Faneuil Hall though ??!! Forget Regina’s, next time the Purple Shamrock.

And to everyone that braved Boston’s crazy weather and stayed the day! bless you – sunburn in the morning, frostbite in the afternoon – but at least the drizzle held off until all was said, done and packed up.

I am truly honored with all I experienced at the festival. Please share with me your experiences, concerns, questions or feelings about Reiki.

Thank you ! and feel free to visit me at My Little Shangri-La website or follow My Little Shangri-La on Facebook so you don’t miss out on a thing !

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