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follow your inner voice

Admit it! you’ve got a few issues you’d like resolved, a few questions unanswered, and a few minutes to seek a sound solution, right?

You tap friends at the bar, strangers at the coffee shop, acquaintances on social media and perhaps even professional therapists. Sometimes you’re satisfied, sometimes you’re not. Often you keep searching . . . these outside sources.

But there’s an inside source that’s available to you 24/7/365 that costs nothing, can be privately called upon at any time and holds the answers to all your dilemmas. And by the way, a dilemma doesn’t have to be catastrophic.

It is the voice of Divine Guidance, wisdom, your soul. And it speaks to you every time you call on it. “Ask” it a question and you will “receive” an answer. And that is whether you are asking consciously or subconsciously . . . because you are doing both.

Accessing your subtle yet wise voice within is a fairly easy thing to do. You don’t need a degree. You don’t have to go on a retreat, visit a therapist, meditate or take up spiritual studies. You just have to get together with it and let it speak to you.

Grab a pen, a journal and Write to Release™ your inner voice through journal writing.

Journal writing is an age-old, informal, uninhibited writing practice that awakens the sound of your soul, your voice within, Divine Guidance. It is a very unique voice belonging only to you. Well actually, the voice belongs to everyone, but it is unique in the way it speaks to each of us because, well, each of us is unique.

Activating your inner voice is a fairly simple activity. But while the process of journal writing is simple, fun and quite enlightening, you are tapping a Divine Source of Knowledge that takes its job seriously. It will answer you, guide you and inspire you. Its direction may not be what you expected, hoped for, assumed or will necessarily find easy to follow. But rest assured, learning to tap into, turn up, listen to and follow your inner voice will change your life in so many positive ways.

“This course can provide unexpected insights and help in getting direction on difficult or complicated issues. It’s simple.” – Peter H.

Write to Release™ is a trademark journal writing course developed to introduce you to the process of journal writing. Participants have received revelations, exasperations and innovations. Course participants have walked away shocked, enlightened, laughing, and at times shedding tears of joy.

Write to Release™ is simply learning to enter a dimension of brain wave activity that is no longer your conscious, analytical, I-know-how-to-do-this-so-get-out-of-my-way, everyday thinking. It’s a private, cathartic communication with your inner Self. It’s not Voodoo. It’s not folklore. It’s a journey into and with your Higher Self. It is deep within and always excited when you wake it up.

We are bred as socially proper people. Miss Manners would be delighted with us 90% of the time. But when we put our pen to paper, when we sit down to journal from an unconsciously uncensored state of mind, we drop etiquette in exchange for enlightenment. Our subconscious mind takes over and shares things we would never have shared as socially proper people.

Reacquainting with your Inner Self, is a friendship I’m sure you will be delighted to resume.

Are you ready to wake up and follow your inner voice of wisdom? It’s lots of fun and you can always “unfollow” it if you don’t like its feed.

“Christine’s caring and investment in the program is impressive. She’s generous with time and truly wants the course material to be helpful to students.”

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Christine McDonald is a holistic health, arts and entertainment writer, a healing arts teacher and a self-help junkie, sharing stories, reviews, inspiration and information to assist others in discovering simple ways to reacquaint with their spiritual essence and inner voice. You can follow Christine's journey of living a faith-fueled, spiritual lifestyle here at My Little Shangri La Blog, on Facebook and Twitter.

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