10 ways Reiki rewards YOU


“I don’t know what it did, but I know it did something” is a comment often share after a Reiki session.

Some other more profound responses have been:

  • “I thought I was going to levitate.”
  • “I could feel it (Reiki) in a part of my body where I used to have cancer.”
  • “As you were doing another part of my body, the pain in my right arm, which I hadn’t told you about, went away.”
  • “Did you have hot stones in your hands?”
  • “I’m still deciding (on personal issues) but it’s good. I just feel so much calmer and clearer since receiving Reiki.”

The Japanese Healing Art of Reiki is such a simple therapy to receive, to learn and to benefit from that I’m often befuddled why everyone on the planet isn’t rushing to rediscover this spiritual essence to benefit from . . . forever!

But then I thought, well, perhaps (like myself before encountering Reiki) people may not understand what it is that Reiki does.

After giving numerous Reiki sessions and participating in countless Reiki clinics, there are times when the recipient is simply speechless – in a wow! kind of way. There are as many stories of Reiki’s aftereffects as there are Reiki sessions, for every session is a story unto itself.

Reiki is administered to adults, children, pets, objects, the planet, in pre- and post-op settings and to assist with the side effects of chemotherapy, to name a few. But it is the consistent practice of the healing art of Reiki that releases its most profound rewards. Here are 10.


Calm woman receiving reiki treatment in the health spa

10 ways Reiki rewards the recipient

A Reiki ‘session’ requires no manipulation, topical application or ingestion of any product. You remain fully dressed and can be seated in a chair or lay relaxed on a Reiki table. Then some of what happens is:

  1. Relief from physical pain – countless stories have been shared by recipients about a persistent pain in the neck that has been relieved, a nagging ache in joints and muscles that somehow quieted down, knees that stopped aching, stomach and sinus pain being alleviated. It is a subtly soothing pain reliever penetrating deep beneath your ailment.
  2. Release from emotional pain – sometimes a barrage of personal and professional daily disappointments can feel insurmountable, sometimes one might find themselves heavily burdened due to a loss of a loved one, sometimes the environment you are in may be negative and without realizing it you can suddenly feel drained and lifeless and unable to shake it. Reiki can help lift those heavy emotions. A recipient usually feels some relief after their first session and relief seems to just get stronger with each Reiki encounter.
  3. Relax effortlessly – if nothing else, Reiki elicits a physical and emotional sense of relaxation that I have ever witnessed or experienced. Sometimes recipients fall asleep, sometimes they lie on the table not wanting to get up, sometimes they can’t quite put their feeling into words, but the relief on their faces and the deep sigh during their session speaks volumes.Reiki-promotes-mental-clarity-concentration-creativity-fresh-perspective
  4. Regain mental clarity – I have both experienced it myself and heard from others who suddenly feel less mentally stressed and uncertain about a particular issue or in a general sense after a Reiki session and in time become mentally clearer as to issues of concern and how to overcome them.
  5. Rejuvenate your creativity – creativity is a multifaceted word. It can mean something different to every person. Perhaps it is a culmination of having shifted one’s energy, opened up to divine guidance and realized their spirituality that gifts someone practicing or receiving Reiki a sense of creativity that they’ve not had before or that perhaps weren’t sure how to proceed with. Ideas, opportunities and the joy of creative endeavors is definitely awakened with Reiki.
  6. Relish in your newfound concentration – I joke that my mind is like the New York subway, fast and all over the place. But truth be told, oftentimes it is. Practicing or receiving Reiki sessions assists in removing brain fog, mental fatigue and jumbled thoughts and replaces it with feelings of focus and greater concentration in many aspects of one’s life.
  7. Reawaken your inner voice of wisdom (a/k/a your intuition) – “I know one thing Reiki did, is it opened up my intuition” said a lovely lady in a retirement community I had the pleasure of working with. We all have that “inner” voice that speaks to us. But in our hurried lives we often don’t hear it. Reiki has been known to not only “open up one’s intuition” but recalibrates our minds to hear it, sense it or know when it is speaking. A lovely guiding light of inspiration. Reiki-self-healing-the-mind-body-soul
  8. Reestablish your natural healing ability – oh, you’ve heard it before, I’m sure, “the body can heal itself”. It can. There are many stories told about healing encounters. And receiving Reiki realigns the recipient with their true essence and does its best (sometimes we fight it) to remind us that the helter-skelter of our lives and chaotic thinking often sets us up for disease and disorder; yet if we let it go and trust the process we can regain control of our body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  9. Reacquaint with your spirituality – this is an interesting benefit of Reiki. What exactly does it mean to reacquaint with your spirituality? It is a bit difficult to put this feeling into words; but in essence what happens is after receiving Reiki the recipient, over time, begins to realize the chokehold they have on every aspect of their life just isn’t working. Somehow an energy inside them shifts and they begin to experience a guidance that they’d not felt before. It is as if over time one simply begins to know that there is a more peaceful yet productive way.
  10. Rejoice in the realization you are continuously being guided and watched over – this is truly an all-time favorite because once a person has opened up to Reiki a shift takes place in every aspect of their life and body in good and profound ways. There doesn’t seem to be a moment of one’s day or thought process that they don’t feel a subtle force guiding and watching over them. One gets to the point where they realize nothing is insurmountable and everything is doable. Once this feeling settles in, it is something you will never want to be without. You come to expect and rely on it.

If all of this seems too good to be true then the best thing to do for yourself is to schedule a Reiki session if you’ve never had one, or book more sessions if you’re already familiar with Reiki, or better yet, take a Reiki One class and become trained in Reiki because the totality of benefits can only be experienced. And there is only one way to experience these benefits and that is to reawaken Reiki and release its rewards into your health and well-being.

If you’ve received Reiki and have a story you would like to share, please feel free to do so in comments. Every story helps others understand what is sometimes so difficult to explain about Reiki.

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